Gyms and Pool

Let's face it, study can leave you drained, tired and sometimes stressed. Increasing your heart rate, even for just 20 minutes, has been proven to elevate your mood, give you MORE energy and alleviate stress.

Whether you're a student, staff or community member, fitness fanatic or just wanting to maintain a healthy balance in your life, our gyms in Rotorua (Mokoia Campus) and Tauranga (Windermere Campus) have something for you!

Community Recreation Centre, Mokoia Campus

As a member you can pop in for a game of badminton or basketball, a quick weights session and more. Membership fees include access to social sports and a great range of exercise classes.

At the Community 'Rec' Centre you'll find:

  • Classes: Balance, circuit classes, spin classes
  • Sports: Basketball, dodgeball, netball, soccer, vollleyball, badminton, cricket, touch
  • Services: Personal training sessions and exercise programmes, health and fitness testing, sports science services

Class Schedule/Timetable

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

Circuit Class * 


Circuit Class *



Special Olympics Basketball




Low Impact Circuit Class***




Roller Derby
(Sulphur City Steam
Contact Shannon 0276478712
7:00pm-9:00pm       Soccer  

* Free to members & Staff, $5 Students & Public

** Free to members, $5 Staff/Students, $10 Public or 10 sessions for $40

*** Free to members & Staff, $4 Students & Public

Rates and Membership

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Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Windermere Campus

Toi Ohomai Tauranga's Aquatic Centre - Te Pare a Ruahine features a 25m training pool, gym, and educational facility.

All memberships include access to the pool, all group fitness classes, and ongoing assessments and programmes with some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and motivated staff around.

Here you'll find:

  • Classes: Group fitness classes, circuit training, aqua jogging, never2old™ Active Ageing Programme, and more. We've got something for everyone!
  • Facilities: 25m pool with a 4m scuba dive well and 6 swim lanes, fully equipped gym (NZ Academy of Sport accredited facility)
  • Services: Fitness programmes delivered by qualified instructors, fitness testing, ACC client rehabilitation, physiotherapy (details on our Health Centre page), sports specific strength and conditioning, and sports science services.

The Aquatic & Fitness Centre has a range of classes to suit everyone. Come along, you'll love it!

Gym and Pool Timetable

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Class Schedule/Timetables

Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6.00-6.45am Functional fit *** Functional Strength Spin Yoga    
9.00-9.45am           Circuit Conditioning Mini Bootcamp
12.15-12.45pm BodyBlast   Spin Functional Fit      
5.00-6.00pm   Yoga   Yoga      
6.00-7.00pm Spin   HIIT**        

** High Intensity Interval Training

*** Check noticeboard for block classes

Group Fitness - BodyBlast

An overall body workout which includes a core workout all done with just your own body weight.

Group Fitness - Boot Camp

Anything goes really! A series of functional exercises designed to make you work hard and get results.

Group Fitness - Spin

Done on stationary exercise bikes simulating cycling outdoors. An intense, enjoyable cardio and strength workout where you choose how hard you go.

Group Fitness - Yoga

Join us for yoga classes, the ultimate in mind and body workouts.

Group Fitness - Circuit Conditioning

Circuit training involves performing a series of exercises in a special order called a circuit. Each activity takes place at a 'station'. Each 'station' has an allocated time of exercise before moving on to the next 'station' and so on following the circuit until the workout is completed. It can be designed to improve speed, agility, coordination, balance and muscular endurance. Often based around sporting movements and technique's 'circuit training' is an exciting and fun way to work out and is generally performed at a high intensity, therefore offering the extra benefits of cardio vascular improvement and fat loss.

What does 'Functional' Mean?

Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities like carrying groceries or playing a game of basketball with your kids. Movements like running, squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling and twisting are all key to performing daily tasks and staying injury-free.

Functional Fit

This class involves full body functional exercises and movements that enhance cardio fitness, strength, joint mobility and core stability.

Functional Strength

This class involves full body functional exercises and movements that enhance strength, endurance, balance and movement capactiy, while also emphasising core stability.

Rates and Membership

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