The central Research Office administers research funds, provides assistance and quality assurance for external grant proposals and reports and manages the institute’s participation in the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF). In addition research staff provide research seminars and workshops, and prepare a range of research-related institutional reports and metrics to ensure the Research Strategy key performance indicators are met.

Our Research Coordinators are available to our faculties to provide advice, support and mentoring for staff.

  • Heather Hamerton

    Heather Hamerton

    Head of Research

    Heather is a registered community psychologist with a passion for research. She has completed numerous social science research projects and is currently working on research investigating students’ motives for studying te reo.  

    Heather is also a skilled evaluator, and has helped to roll out evaluations both of new Toi Ohomai initiatives… Read full profile

  • Dave Bishop

    Dave Bishop

    Research Coordinator and Music Tutor, Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries

    I'm a Research Coordinator and music tutor at Toi Ohomai. I'm also a New Zealand singer-songwriter and music educator with a contemporary performance and recording history of over 30 years.  

    Throughout this time, I’ve been actively involved in the music industry and have contributed to ten commercial musical releases, both as a band… Read full profile

  • Judith Honeyfield

    Judith Honeyfield

    Research Coordinator, Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Judith Honeyfield is also a Principal Academic Staff Member in the Bachelor of Nursing.

    She has worked on numerous Ako Aotearoa research projects at both national and regional levels and is an experienced research team leader and teaching workshop facilitator.

  • Cath Fraser

    Cath Fraser

    Research Coordinator, Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    In addition to her work as a Faculty Research Coordinator at Toi Ohomai, Cath is a part-time educational consultant.

    Cath is a keen advocate of the 21st Century educational concepts of active learning and student-centred delivery, and enjoys working with staff to extend their repertoire of activities and approaches to address a range of… Read full profile

  • Pip Crombie

    Pip Crombie

    Research Coordinator, Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries

    Pip Crombie is a Research Coordinator for two faculties, and a part time content writer.

    Pip has an interest in the ever-evolving world of online text, e-learning and empowering users to ensure we are ‘speaking’ the same language face-to-face, that we speak online – imperative in the world of education.

    She is an enthusiastic… Read full profile

  • Keith Gregor

    Keith Gregor

    Research Coordinator, Faculty of Health, Education and Environment

    Keith Gregor is a marine ecologist who spends most of his time teaching and coordinating on the Marine and Environmental courses at Toi Ohomai. These courses are founded on hands-on learning, immersing students in the environment and melding academic and experiential learning up to degree level.  

    The balance of his work time is spent as… Read full profile

  • Rebecca Lausberg

    Rebecca Lausberg

    Research Office Administrator

    In addition to her work in the Research Office, Rebecca is secretary for the Research Committee, Human Ethics Committee and Animal Ethics Committee.

  • Tepora Emery

    Tepora Emery

    Kaupapa Māori Research Advisor

    Tepora has had a connection with Toi Ohomai’s different legacy organisations, and has been a champion of research and higher education at Mokoia Campus for more than 22 years. She was the programme leader for staff development programmes, has been an academic advisor, and was the academic lead for the Master of Applied Professional Studies,… Read full profile

  • Catherine de Monchy

    Catherine de Monchy

    Research Analyst

    Cath is on 12-month secondment, until July 2020, helping develop special projects and cross-faculty collaboration in research.  She is available to work with staff seeking external funding to support their projects.

  • Melissa Preston

    Melissa Preston

    Research Analyst

    Melissa has a fixed-term appointment in this role until 30 June 2020.  She is responsible for event management and is the main contact person for ROMS and all inquiries related to research outputs.

  • Kate Shanaghan

    Kate Shanaghan

    PBRF and Special Projects Leader

    Kate has a degree in Environmental Studies. She manages the research outputs database for the institute and enjoys seeing the different research that our staff are involved in.  She is also involved in event organising and in collaborative research.