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Applying to study at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

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Send us your application form

Download a pdf application form and post or deliver it to us. Download application form (741kb)
OR apply online through the individual course pages on this website... Find your course
OR ask your agent to help.Find an Agent

If you’re applying for the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice (Level 7) you must complete the Online International Student Application (this includes agents applying on behalf of students).

Please read the information about supplying your personal information and The Privacy Act 1993 before completing your application.

Attach your verified documents.


Receive Your “Offer of Place”

Once we’ve processed and approved your application, you (or your agent) will receive an acceptance letter offering you a place on the course.

If we’re waiting on some documents from you, or some entry criteria haven’t been met, then you might receive a Conditional Offer of Place and a full Offer of Place will be provided when all the conditions have been met.
If you meet all admission and entry requirements you’ll receive a full Offer of Place, including notification of tuition and insurance fees, and methods of payment.
Your Offer of Place tells you the date you need to confirm your acceptance of the Offer of Place by, and make payment of your tuition fees.

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Pay Your Fees

If you’re currently living outside New Zealand you should pay your fees to Toi Ohomai once your visa has been approved in principle from Immigration New Zealand.
If you’re living in New Zealand you can go ahead and pay your fees directly to Toi Ohomai (details will be in the Letter of Offer).

Once you’ve paid your fees, please email a copy of your telegraphic transfer to

We’ll forward a receipt to confirm your payment to you and/or your agent. Please ask if you’d like us to email a copy to Immigration New Zealand.

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Send in Your Receipt to Get Your Student Visa

Send your receipt to the Immigration Service section of the New Zealand Embassy to get your Student Visa. You can read more about immigration & Visas: Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

Step 4

Make Your Travel Plans to New Zealand

Once you’ve received your Student Visa you can start making your travel arrangements to come to New Zealand.

Once your travel arrangements have been booked and confirmed please send a copy of your travel itinerary to the International team. Contact Us
Toi Ohomai offers new students a complimentary shuttle service from the airport when you first arrive in New Zealand. Find Out More
If you or your agent have requested transport we’ll arrange your airport pickup and confirm your accommodation details.

Welcome to Toi Ohomai!

Before you leave home, make sure you let our International Office know your flight number and arrival date and time.

We look forward to seeing you at our International Orientation Week/Day so we can show you around and share important information that will help your time with us extra fun.

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Send us your application form

You can apply online through the individual course pages on this website. (If you want to do a single paper(s) please contact us instead) ... Find your course
...or you can apply in person at one of our campuses...
Find Us
...or apply over the phone by calling one of our friendly team 0800 86 46 46

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We'll be in touch

We’ll contact you to let you know if you need to come in for an information session or interview. (This isn't necessary for all courses).

These sessions are an opportunity for you to find out more about your course and check it’s the best fit for you. At the same time we'll check to make sure you meet the entry requirements.
If you don’t need to come in, you’ll skip to Step 3 below.

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Complete your paperwork

Complete your Study Agreement and some other paperwork, and provide us with your legal identification Document Validation
We encourage you to apply for StudyLink now if this applies to you, to make sure you receive any payments you’re entitled to quickly. Fees & Financial Help

If you need help with your application we can step you through it.

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Receive your acceptance letter

Once we receive your completed Study Agreement and supporting application documents you’ll receive an acceptance letter.

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Pay your fees

Make sure your fees have been paid before Day 1.
If you’re paying via StudyLink make sure you’ve completed your StudyLink application before Day 1.

Step 6

Receive your First Day letter

Your First Day Letter has all the information you need to help you settle in.

Start studying at Toi Ohomai!

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