Aroha Atu Aotearoa (to Give and Receive Love)

This body of work comprised 14 custom design coats supported by accessories and an exhibition catalogue. The project was based around the woollen blanket as an iconic link between cultures in Aotearoa.

The notion of the traditional Māori korowai and Japanese kimono were used as a foundation silhouette to capture characteristics from post-colonial New Zealand through to vibrant multi-cultural influences in contemporary society.

Each individual, custom-made piece is unique, each piece incorporates a series of pre-loved woollen blankets and applied embellishment which tells its own personal cultural narrative.

APA References: Donna, D.M. (2018). Aroha Atu Aotearoa. [custom coats and accessories]. Tauranga, New Zealand: The Peoples Gallery at The Incubator, Historic Village.


Donna Dinsdale