New Zealand Certificate in Solid Wood Manufacturing (Level 3), Timber Machining Strand Course Information


Timber Machinists make and sharpen a wide range of profiled cutters in order to produce a wide range of wood moulding products which are used in all facets of the building industry, from decks, to weatherboards, to hardwood floors, to intricate interior mouldings. They also maintain the mechanical parts of the production machines, primarily in use in saw mills and timber processing sites.

Timber Machinists may perform the following tasks:

  • Produce accurate-to-scale profile drawings to enable template manufacture
  • Manufacture profile templates to enable cutters to be made
  • Manufacture profile cutters from blank lengths of high speed steel 
  • Set-up and manufacture the timber profiles to customer specification
  • Use Computer Measuring Aid to set-up timber planer
  • Grind, sharpen and service cutting tools
  • Monitor and control product quality
  • Identify, diagnose and rectify machined product defects 
  • Dismantle, inspect and maintain timber planers and grinding machines

In our state of the art workshop at the Timber Industry Training Centre (TITC) in Rotorua we are in a position to offer the Timber Machining Strand to the Forest and Forest Products Industry.


This trade is suited to individuals who are wanting to work in a timber processing/ manufacturing environment. The student will develop and improve skills learned in our workshop and sawmill on site.

If you currently work in a timber processing/ manufacturing environment, please discuss with your line manager about entering into this iconic trade, either as an apprentice through the Industry Training Organisation - Competenz or as a full time student at TITC, Rotorua.

Sawmill enterprises that would like to engage with us with regard to training and assessment in Timber Machining, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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