Conservation and Biodiversity (Level 7) (15 credits)


The aim of this paper is to categorise the critical factors underpinning ecological sustainability and compare and contrast current issues in conservation management both in New Zealand and internationally.

It combines a comprehensive analysis on assessing biodiversity, modelling conservation priorities, and anticipating when interventions are required to prevent extinctions and over-exploitation of biodiversity resources.

Content Outline:

  • Conservation Biodiversity- Values and Ethics
  • Biodiversity of endemic plants and animals, Global biodiversity: Losses and threats
  • Habitat destruction, fragmentation, over-exploitation, invasive species and disease
  • Biophysical characteristics of various special environments e.g. NZ and the Pacific
  • Conservation and protection of native plants, planting and re-vegetation
  • Establishing and managing protected areas
  • Practical Conservation Management, Restoration ecology
  • Meeting conservation challenges in an uncertain future


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