Toi Ohomai Gym Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. ​​​​​​I must produce my membership card every time I enter the gym, and at any time I am using the gym if requested to produce it by Toi Ohomai staff.
  2. If I lose my gym membership card I must immediately notify Toi Ohomai.
  3. Replacement gym membership cards may incur a charge.
  4. If I forget my gym membership card I may be liable to pay a casual rate to enter the gym, which may be refunded within 7 days upon producing my gym membership card and upon producing the receipt for the casual rate paid.
  5. I may not share my gym membership card with any other person.  If I permit or allow another person to use my gym membership card, my gym membership may be immediately terminated with no entitlement to a refund of my gym membership fees.
  6. Gym memberships paid may not be transferred.
  7. Toi Ohomai is under no obligation to refund any gym membership fees or to put a gym membership on hold unless there are extenuating circumstances such as the member providing evidence of a job offer in another town, or evidence of a medical condition supported by a doctors or surgeons certificate.  Any refund granted or gym membership to be put on hold will be calculated pro-rata for the term already used and administration fees may also apply.
  8. Participating in activity at the gym may expose me to certain risks, including injury.  In this regard, I have disclosed all medical information necessary to ensure the safety of myself and of others.  
  9. I will behave in a manner appropriate for a gym environment, and appropriate for using gym equipment including ensuring that I wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  10. I may not bring food or drink into the gym (except a water bottle).
  11. I may not use a mobile phone or personal stereo without headphones.
  12. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires Toi Ohomai and its gym members, including myself, to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure my safety and the safety of others.  In this regard, before using gym equipment, I will ensure I consider the likelihood of a hazard or a risk occurring, the degree of harm that hazard or risk might cause, and ways I could eliminate or minimise that risk.
  13. Before participating in any gym activity I will ensure that I have been shown and that I understand how to use all gym equipment safely and correctly, including, the cardio equipment, free weights and weight machines.
  14. Recklessness, including intentionally harmful or damaging behaviour to another person or property, will not be tolerated.  Such behaviour may result in my eviction from the gym and my membership being cancelled with no entitlement to a refund of my gym membership fees.
  15. I will immediately notify gym staff of any incident or accident I become aware of. 
  16. I must comply with all other rules that may be notified in the gym from time to time.
  17. I will indemnity Toi Ohomai for any loss or damage that I may cause.
  18. The gym has emergency exits and I will ensure I am aware of where these are located in the building.
  19. Upon the emergency alarm sounding, whether an actual emergency or a drill, I must immediately leave the building through the nearest exist and wait at the assembly point and for instructions from Toi Ohomai staff.
  20. The gym may be closed on public holidays and at other times in the sole discretion of Toi Ohomai if certain situations give rise to closure being necessary or required.
  21. Lockers and/or cubby holes are provided for members to stow their personal belongings. Toi Ohomai takes no responsibility for any property stored in a locker or cubby hole, or for property left lying around the gym.
  22. All concerns and complaints should be made in the first instance to the Gym Manager and then