Student Experience Team

The Student Experience Team helps make your life on campus more fun with sports, cultural, and social activities!

The highlight is our Orientation events but there are all sorts of things throughout the year like:

  • competitions; instagram comps, quiz nights, bake-offs, and more
  • “Take a Paws from Study” - the SPCA bring in puppies for you to play with, to ease stress
  • international festival celebrations
  • Guinness Book of Record attempts
  • sports events
  • music events
  • art and fashion shows
  • you name it, we’ve done it (and if we haven’t - let us know!)

Be a Winner on Social Media!

Join us on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for competitions and all sorts of fun stuff.

Here are our latest #toiohomai photos from Instagram (use a modern browser to view). Tag your own Instagram photos with #toiohomai and #lifeattoiohomai and be in to win! Every week we publish our favourite and hand out a prize so make sure you're following.

Become a Class Rep!

Consider becoming a class rep. You’ll represent your peers in meetings and discussion forums to help improve the quality of education and campus life for all students.

Being a class rep is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills (an awesome thing to have on your CV!) and training is provided.

If you would like to become a student class representative, email our Student Experience Team (contact details at the bottom of this page).

Breakfast Club

Free (yes, FREE) breakfast, once a week during term time for current students. Ask the team for more info!

Student Pulse

Student Pulse is a student led organisation that supports all students of Toi Ohomai.

We're here to help you settle in to tertiary study and provide a safe environment and a listening ear. We provide guidance and support to help you to overcome barriers that may prevent you from being engaged in the classroom. The role of the Student Pulse is to improve students’ lives and experiences at Toi Ohomai by communicating and collaborating with the management and services of Toi Ohomai.

Find out more at the Student Pulse websiteNew window icon

Student Pulse Buddy Programme

Make friends from around the world! Our campuses are buzzing with students from all parts of the world and most are newcomers to New Zealand.

Sign up to be a buddyNew window icon through Student Pulse online or MoodleNew window icon (type in the word ‘BUDDY’ on the moodle search bar) and enjoy one-on-one exchange and support during the study term. You’ll learn more about your buddy’s country and culture while you teach them about New Zealand’s.

Wall Planners

The Student Experience team distributes an annual wall planner which is always popular, and free to students. Ask for yours at the Student Experience office.

Contact information

Student Experience Team

0800 86 46 46

Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm