Community Recreation Centre (Rotorua)

  • Save Waqairawaqa

    Save Waqairawaqa

    Manager, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    Originally from Fiji, Save has worked for Toi Ohomai for more than seven years and spent a year teaching English. His passion is centred in sport and recreation and enjoys the social aspect that comes with sport including rugby, sevens, volleyball, touch rugby and indoor netball.

    Save's coached New Zealand athletes and teams, including a New Zealand Under 23 men’s and women’s rafting team as the strength and conditioning coach.He has a strong interest in adapting to the constant evolution of different forms of training, classes and nutrition and he currently specialises in Olympic Lifting.

    The most fulfilling part of his role at the Centre is seeing his clients enjoy their training and achieving their goals.

    Specialist Areas: Olympic lifting


  • Rahera

    Rahera Rauwhero

    Administrator and Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    Rahera has been a member of the Rec Centre since 2016, with a variety of responsibilities including reception, facilitating circuit classes and running sport specific training sessions for foundation classes.

    She is a keen touch player after growing up watching and then playing with her whanau. She has represented Te Arawa, Bay of Plenty and New Zealand in touch rugby, at many age-grade tournaments.

    With a focus on preserving physical and mental well-being, she enjoys seeing people working towards their goals day-in and day-out.

    Specialist Areas - Circuit training and weight training


  • Jamie Baker-Stephens

    Jamie Baker-Stephens

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    Jamie is our resident rugby-head! Playing rugby throughout school has not only helped him better his game, but he has also represented the Bay of Plenty in the Under 18s grade.

    Jamie is also an avid martial artist with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He says that the discipline from martial arts transfers into all aspects of his sporting and training regimes.
    With a passion for keeping physically fit and love of rugby are the reasons Jamie is so interested in knowing how the body works, and how to make the body as strong as possible. He is nothing short of an enthusiast when it comes to being as physically fit as possible to hit the field during those cold winter weekends.

    Specialist Areas: Martial arts, weight training

  • Rata Jennings

    Rata Jennings

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    Rata has a passion for the health and fitness industry. She is currently working towards a Certificate in Fitness, specialising in personal training and group fitness. With her experience in endurance training she has participated in the Rotorua Marathon, and the CrossFit Open.

    Having recently joined the Toi Ohomai Rec Centre team, Rata is keen to be a part of the crew. She is also a keen sports player, having played netball and touch, and competed in trail running and wake boarding. She also enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

    Specialist Areas: Olympic lifting, crossfit


  • Joshua Perpiñan

    Joshua Perpiñan

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    Josh has been heavily immersed in the fitness sector from a young age. Since the age of 15 he has been serious about self-education in the health and fitness sector, and even worked as personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in the Philippines, following in the footsteps of his father.

    Captaining basketball teams throughout high school years has given Josh the ability to adapt to all sorts of sports off the court as well. He enjoys soccer and swimming, and with his extensive understanding of exercise and training, he is also competent in creating sports specific training programmes.

    The positive transformations fitness has had on Josh's life is the reason why he loves it so much. He wants to be able to help others the way fitness and healthy living has helped him, specialising in the Kinobody lifestyle.

    Specialist Areas: Bodyweight and weight training, basketball, caloric management, intermittent fasting


  • Caitlin Poolman

    Caitlin Poolman

    Gym Instructor, Toi Ohomai Community Recreation Centre, Rotorua (Mokoia Campus)

    With 13 years of Hockey experience under her belt, it is nothing short of a living for Caitlin. She has played representative hockey in various age groups, starting at Under 11s, and now plays Intercity Hockey for Marist St. Michaels. She also finds time to do CrossFit – not only being a “beginner” and competing in the intermediate division, but also winning her first competition.

    She enjoys taking clients through fitness assessments to further support them towards their goals. She believes that exercise improves all aspects of Hauora. It not only changes the body but it also improves mood, increases energy levels, builds confidence.

    Specialist Areas: Crossfit, bodyweight, weightlifting and cardiovascular training, coaching and playing hockey