Quality Management System (QMS) 2017

The following is an excerpt from the 2017 Regulatory Framework for Quality Assurance which can be found on the Regulations page.

Part 2 – Quality Management System

1.0 QMS – Academic

  1. The Quality Management System (QMS) – Academic sets out the policies and procedures that govern the academic matters of the institution to ensure students and institutional outcomes are met.
  2. The QMS ensures that Toi Ohomai is compliant with legislative requirements, and meets obligations and national standards required by key stakeholders particularly NZQA, MoE and TEC.
  3. Policies and procedures set out in the QMS – Academic will:
  • facilitate the design and development of curricula, and teaching and assessment
  • resources that support applied learning and achievement of intended outcomes
  • enable the smooth progression through the student life cycle
  • ensure quality, relevance and value for money of programmes delivered
  • ensure validity, reliability and fairness of assessment
  • ensure legislative requirements and compliance are met
  • ensure transparency and accuracy of internal and external reporting
  • align with institutional commitments to cultural responsiveness and those in the
  • institution’s Strategic Plan and Investment Plan
  • include student participation in decision-making
  • address the diverse needs and circumstances of the student population
  • acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi

If you would like to view any of our QMS policies please contact us.