Student Band 'MixTape' In Tune to Tour The Greater Waikato / BOP

Tuesday, 5 September, 2017
Toi Ohomai’s Rotorua based student band 'Mix Tape' is about to head out on tour across Taupo, Rotorua and Hamilton.

For those looking to hear the Bay's freshest musicians, Mixtape, Toi Ohomai’s Rotorua based student band is about to head out on tour across Taupo, Rotorua, and Hamilton.

“I chose our name,” says tour promoter, Ra Apanui. “I picked it and everyone said yes. I’m a real Guardians of the Galaxy fan.”

With all members of the band students of Toi Ohomai's Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance, Ra says the assignment of arranging, performing and promoting a public concert tour has strengthened the bonds of her classmates.

“Going out on tour as one is really exciting. You get to meet new people and it puts the pressure on to really get your material nailed.”

There are a lot of very talented musicians in the band who also write their own material, so this tour will be an opportunity for those songs to be heard as well."

Ra’s classmate and co-tour promoter, Campbell Rhys Pope agrees, adding that while his studies are fun, it is his passion for music that makes student life a lot easier.

“The brief was to organise a tour with the band, get venues, get promotion done, organise the gear, travel… pretty much how it would be out on the road in the real world with a real band.

“It is a bit of a challenge with the dynamic of people, trying to get everyone together at the right time, but we are getting there. We will be performing an eclectic mix of rock, pop, hip-hop, reggae - a bit of everything for everyone.”

Tickets are $10 each and available from messaging the mixtapetoiohomaicoversband Facebook page.
Taupo Sep 15, 8.30pm at DBar
Hamilton Sep 21, 7pm at Nivara Lounge
Rotorua - Sep 23, 8.30pm at Kahlah Bar