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Update of Status, 12 August 2020

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the current COVID-19 situation and what this means for all Toi Ohomai students.  

Recap of Recent Announcements

  • New Zealand has four cases of community transmitted COVID-19 in South Auckland  
  • At midday today Auckland will move to Alert Level 3 until midnight Friday, 14 August 
  • At midday today the rest of New Zealand (including the Bay of Plenty) will move to Alert Level 2 until midnight Friday, 14 August 

What this Means for Students

  • The majority of classes will continue to be delivered in their current capacity 
  • If there is a variation to your class, your tutor will be in contact to make alternative teaching arrangements  
  • If you have been in the Auckland region in the past seven days, we encourage you to speak with your tutor to arrange alternative teaching arrangements 
  • Students who are immune compromised are encouraged to take personal responsibility and to work directly with their tutors to arrange alternative teaching arrangements  
  • Stay home if you’re unwell – please DO NOT attend campus or present at the Health Centre  
  • If you are tested for COVID-19, please email Marie Dennis and remain at home until you are notified otherwise  
  • If you miss class due to feeling unwell, it is your responsibility to inform your tutor and keep up to date with your coursework as you would normally

Students on Campus at Alert Level 2

  • Please maintain physical distancing of 1 metre whilst on campus   
  • We encourage you to follow Government guidelines regarding the wearing of masks 
  • Please ensure you download the Government COVID-19 tracker app and use this to track your movement on campus  

What We're Doing to Keep You Safe

  • All areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected regularly with a focus on any surfaces or items that are likely to come into frequent contact with different students  
  • Physical distancing rules will be applied  
  • All students are encouraged to head straight to their classroom/teaching space and to not congregate in common areas unless necessary 
  • All students are encouraged to leave campus after they’ve finished with their classes – this is to limit the amount of people on campus at any given time 
  • All Toi Ohomai staff who are non-student facing will be working from home  
  • We will continue to provide you with updates as we receive information from the Government  


If you have questions, in the first instance please speak with you tutor. You can also email – we have a dedicated team to respond and, where required, redirect any questions. We'll continue to provide updates via email, the Toi Ohomai Hub and our social media platforms.     

Stay safe and kia kaha.   


Previous Updates

June 2020: Alert Level 1

Track & Trace

We’re no longer using the Toi Ohomai Track & Trace app, but we encourage you to use the Government app instead. You’ll see new QR codes up in all key locations around Mokoia and Windermere campuses. Effective contact tracing helps prevent any further spread of COVID​-19 in New Zealand so we encourage you to continue keeping a record of where you’ve been.​

Important Changes to Semester Dates

In response to the COVID-19 national lockdown, which has now ended, Toi Ohomai is officially changing the rest of our 2020 semester dates to help recover some of the teaching hours that were lost after we all moved to Alert Level 3 on Monday, 23 March 2020.

New Semester Dates for 2020

  • The last day of Semester 1 is now Friday, 3 July 2020. This generally applies to courses that started on 17 February and which were expected to finish on 19 June
  • Semester 2 now starts on Monday, 20 July, and ends Friday, 20 November 2020
  • This means that most of our full-year students will now have a two-week mid-semester break from 6 July to 17 July

What Isn't Changing

  • Online course are not affected. Online students will continue to follow their existing semester schedule unless otherwise advised by their tutor
  • These changes do not affect courses that do not follow our standard semester dates - for example Bachelor of Nursing, short courses, managed apprenticeships, courses that include ITO delivery, and partnership programmes. Students in these courses will continue as normal unless otherwise advised by their tutor.
  • StudyLink are aware of these semester date changes and students will continue to receive loans and allowances throughout these extended dates (if applicable)

View Academic Calendar and Important Dates

Update 14 May 2020

  • New Zealand moved to Alert Level 2 on Thursday, 14 May
  • Toi Ohomai campuses open under strict public health measures and reduced delivery from Monday, 18 May

What this means:

  • Many of our programmes and classes will resume on-campus teaching from Monday, 18 May. Students will hear from their tutors about when classes will resume. Students are not to come onto campus until Monday, 18 May, or until advised by their tutor
  • Timetabling is running as it was pre-lockdown - if classroom locations are going to change students will be contacted by their tutor directly
  • Other classes will continue to be delivered remotely – again, the tutors are the main point of contact
  • Students and staff should refer to the ‘Staying safe at work’ document that's been provided
  • Anyone at greater risk of getting a severe illness from COVID-19 due to an underlying medical condition, those who are pregnant, and those who are over 70, are encouraged to continue to learn remotely – where possible

It's important to realise this is not business as usual.

In order to meet our obligations to open our campuses, we need to ensure strict public health requirements are followed. We’ve outlined all these measures below.

Everyone must familiarise themselves with these rules – they will ensure we can continue to operate under this new alert level and that we all remain healthy and safe.

Level 2 Government public health measures

Physical distancing

What we are doing:

  • We are altering classrooms and reducing class sizes to ensure physical distancing requirements. This may result in splitting classes and/or rotating students in different areas
  • Tutors or academic staff members will provide students with specific trade-related physical distancing requirements in relation to their programme or course

What we need:

  • Everyone must keep their distance from others when in shared spaces such as cafés, library and other areas. At least 1m, preferably 2m.
  • No-one should stay on campus if they don’t need to be there – we want to have the least amount of people on campus as possible

Support services

All our on-campus services are open from Monday, 18 May (unless specified otherwise) and operating under public health guidelines.This includes:

  • All campus cafés (including Melting Pot and Breaktime) will be operating using click and collect – and no-one will be able to gather in the café areas
  • All libraries will be open with limited provision, including offering click and collect services
  • All Information Centres and Copy Centres will open
  • International centres at Mokoia and Windermere will open
  • Regional administration and cashier services will be available
  • Windermere and Mokoia gyms will be open from Thursday, 14 May in line with Government guidelines

Contact tracing

We will be conducting robust contract tracing methods at all our campuses. We will need evyerone's help to ensure that this information is collected.

Attendance taking is mandatory in all teaching sessions.

In addition to taking attendance, when staff and students are moving around on campus, they will be required to track and trace their whereabouts using an app. 

From Monday 18 May staff and students will use the Track and Trace app.
QR codes will be used to track and trace whereabouts while moving on/around our campuses and using collective spaces, such as library, cafés etc. The codes will be located on the outside of buildings and on the walls of common areas and will be scanned via the app.

Health information

People should remain at home if they are sick, have any COVID-19 symptoms, are in isolation, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.
If being tested for COVID-19 and/or waiting results, this must registered with Marie Dennis:

Cleaning and hygiene

What we are doing:

  • We are providing hand sanitizer at entry to classrooms, lecture theatres and other highly frequented areas
  • All areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly with a focus on any surfaces or items that are likely to come into frequent contact with different students

What we need:

  • We can all play a part in keeping our areas safe and clean. Where possible, everyone must practice good hygiene and avoid sharing equipment. If travelling or studying in different areas around campus, people should take their equipment with them
  • People must stay home if unwell – please DO NOT attend campus or present at the Health Centre. For medical advice please CALL (not present in person) our on-campus Health Centre - Te Whare Hauora on 07 557 8756 (Windermere) or 07 346 8883 (Mokoia) or contact Healthline on 0800 611 116
  • If students miss class due to feeling unwell, they must inform their tutor and keep up to date with their coursework as they would normally
  • Everyone must wash their hands frequently, and for at least 20 seconds with water and soap,and dry them thoroughly – hand sanitiser on its own is not enough

Travel and movement

Our bus services will be running with reduced capacity. To view our schedule please visit our Transport page.

When travelling regionally, everyone must ensure they follow and familiarise themselves with the Government travel guidelines.

For further information on the alert levels, please read the Alert Levels Summary on the Government website.

Services Summary


Level 2: Students are welcome to return to student accommodation under Level 2 starting from Thursday the 14th of May. 

The core social distancing requirement within Residential Accommodation for Alert Level 2 is one metre and these guidelines should be followed to keep everyone safe.  

Level 3: If you've left your student accommodation you cannot return until the alert is at Level 2 or under, so please stay in your current bubble until then.

If you’ve stayed in your hall of residence or other student accommodation since the start of lockdown, please don’t be concerned - you’re still able to continue living there.

The most important thing you need to do is to STAY ON THE PREMISES and follow the advice and guidelines from the Ministry of Health to self-isolate and practice personal distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Please remember that you’re NOT ALLOWED any guests during this time and Government guidelines will be strictly reinforced. Everyone in your residence needs to self-isolate together WITHOUT outside contact.


Level 2: All libraries will be open with limited provision and reduced hours, and will be adding a click and collect service.

Level 3: Our libraries are closed until further notice. If you have any library items, please hold onto them. All due dates will automatically be extended, and you will not incur any fines for overdue items. We’re unable to supply any reserved or recalled items while the library is closed. Our phones are currently unattended so if you have any questions, please email us at

You still have access to our extensive collection of online resources, which can all be accessed from home. These include books, journals, videos and databases. These can be accessed via the Koha online.

If you need any assistance logging into Koha online or connecting to our electronic resources, check out our Library Help Guides or email

If you need help with finding information, research or referencing please contact your Faculty Librarian. You can find their contact details in the online directory.

If you still need help, please email

Information Centres / Student Administration and Services

Level 2: All Information Centres will be open with skeleton staff and reduced hours. Regional administration and cashiers will be open with reduced hours and provision.

At Level 3: We are continuing to process applications & enrolments as best we can during the lockdown period. You may notice slightly longer processing times and if we require verified ID or other verified documentation we are aware that you will not be able to provide this to us until you have access to the authorised people who can do this.

Please note: During this time, we are unable to provide:

  • New ID cards (or replacements)
  • Parchment (Graduation certificate) printing requests
  • Interviews for next semester programmes have been postponed over the lock down period

For programme, course and general enquiries: and transcript requests:

Te Whare Hauora - Health Centre 

Level 2: Te Whare Hauora - Health Centres will be operating on site with added safety measures and reduced on site staff.

To enter the Health Centre and see the Kaitiaki Nurse, you must book an appointment by contacting 07 557 8756 (Windermere) or 07 346 8883 (Mokoia).

You'll speak to the Kaitiaki Nurse who will assess you over the phone and offer you the next available appointment.

Signage will also be displayed on the door to explain the process. The remainder of the team will be working remotely. Feel free to contact us by email

Level 3: Our on-campus health centres will be physically closed and operating remotely. Phone calls will be redirected to the Kaitiaki Nurse for any health advice. 

Contact us on or 07 557 8756 (Windermere) 07 346 8883 (Mokoia), with the following:

  • Your name, student ID number, contact phone number, email address
  • A brief, clear description of what you need help with


All Levels: Extra security is in place to ensure all our campuses are secure during this time. 

Gyms & Pool

Level 2: The gyms are re-opening on Thursday 14th May. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Gym Teams in Windermere or Mokoia 

Need help?  

If you have questions please email – we have a dedicated team to respond, and where required, redirect any questions. 

To repeat the words of our Prime Minister:

"We are all in this together." 


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