Dr Krishna Reddy

Dr Krishna Reddy

Postgraduate Research Supervisor

Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries

I am a Senior Academic Staff Member (Postgraduate Business) in the Faculty of Business, Design and Service Industries. Previous to my role here at Toi Ohomai, I was the Associate Professor and Head of Department (Finance) at the Australia Institute of Business in Adelaide, South Australia.

I have taught Bank Management at Massey University, Economics at International Pacific College, Hospitality Accounting and Finance at Pacific International Hotel Management School and the Course Convenor for Personal Financial Planning, Corporate Finance, Finance Theory and Corporate Policy, Corporate Restructuring and Governance, and Advanced Corporate Finance at the University of Waikato.

I have also worked in banks in Fiji and New Zealand and sat on a number of community based health-organisations as a board of trustees member.

My research interests include corporate governance, corporate finance, portfolio management, personal financial planning, mergers and acquisitions and small business finance.


  • Diploma ASDP (USP, Fiji), Diploma Bus. Programming (Spherion Education), BA (Economics & Operations Research), MBA, and PGDip. Business Administration, Certificate in Return to Secondary teaching (Massey University) and PhD (Finance) from the University of Waikato.

Publications and Outputs

Articles in refereed journals

  • Reddy, K., Qamar, M., & Yahanpath, N. (2018). Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create Value? The Post-M&A Performance of Acquiring Firms in China and India. Studies in Economics and Finance, forthcoming.
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  • Naqvi, B., Rizvi, S. K. A., Mirza, N. & Reddy, K. (2018). Religion based investing and illusion of Islamic Alpha and Beta. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, DOI: 10.1016/j.pacfin.2018.02.003.
  • Wellalage, N. H. & Reddy, K. (2018). Determinants of Profit Reinvestment undertaken by SMEs in the Small Island Countries. Global Finance Journal. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gfj.2017.11.001.
  • Mirza, N. & Reddy, K. (2017). Asset Pricing in a developing economy: Evidence from Pakistan. Economic Bulletin, Vol. 37(4), 2483-2495. http://www.accessecon.com/Pubs/EB/2017/Volume37/EB-17-V37-I4-P221.pdf.
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Book Chapters:

  • Thrikawala, S., Locke, S & Reddy, K. (2016). Corporate governance practices and performance of microfinance sector. In E. Klein (Eds). Corporate Governance: Principles, Practices and Challenges (pp.33-84). Nova Publishers. 
  • Reddy, K. and Bather, A. (2014). Institutional Investors, Firm Performance and the Prospects for Socially responsible Investing: Evidence from New Zealand, in Young, S and Gates, S. (2013) (ed.), “Institutional Investors and Corporate Response: Actors, Power and Responses”, Vol. 5, UK: Emerald Publishing.
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  • Reddy, K., (2011). Corporate Governance and Practices in New Zealand. The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Practices and Financial Performance in New Zealand: An Empirical Investigation, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller GmPH & Co. KG.

Conference Papers

  • Asbi, A., Ramiah, V., Yu, X., Wallace, D., Reddy, K., & Moosa, N. (2018). The Determinants of Recovery from the Black Saturday Bushfire: Demographic Factors, Behavioural Characteristics and Financial Literacy. Presented at the 3rd International Energy Finance Conference, 19th – 21st July, in Xi’an University of Technology, China. 
  • Almaqableh, L., Reddy, K., Ramiah, V., & Veron, J. F., & Wallace, D. (2018). The Link between Terrorist Attacks and the Cryptocurrency Market. Paper presented at the 9th RMUP International Conference, 21st – 22nd June, Pullman Bangkok King Power, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Reddy, K., Qamar, M., & Yahanpath, N. (2018). Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create Value? The Post-M&A Performance of Acquiring Firms in China and India. Presented at the New Zealand Finance Colloquium, 8th & 9th February, Massey University, Palmerton North Campus, New Zealand. 
  • Ramiah, V., Reddy, K., Veron, J. F., & Wallace, D. (2017).  The effects of recent terrorist attacks on risk and returns in commodity markets. Presented at the 3rd Applied Financial Modelling Conference on “The Importance of Commodity Markets in Financial and Macroeconomic Stability”, Kampar, Malaysia, 7th – 9th November.
  • Reddy, K., Dinh, T. H. D., & Yahanpath, N. (2017). Capital Structure Determinants of Small and Medium Capitalised Firms. Paper to be presented at the 30th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Sydney, Australia, 13th – 15th December.
  • Reddy, K., Dinh, T. H. D., & Yahanpath, N. (2016). SMEs’ Capital Structure Decisions and Determinants in Europe: Factors that are Reliable during the Financial Crisis. Paper presented at the 23rd Annual Multinational Finance Society  (MFS) Conference, 24thJune – 29Th June.
  • Reddy, K., Mirza, Z. & Yu, Y. (2015). The relationship between the ownership identity, ownership concentration and firm operating efficiency. Paper presented at the 2015 Asian Finance Association Annual Meeting, Changsha, China, 29th June – 1st July. 
  • Reddy, K. & Yang, Z. (2014). Does Momentum Trading Opportunities Exit? Evidence from Chinese and Indian Stock Markets. Paper has been accepted for presentation at the 21st Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society (MFS) 2014, Prague, 29th June – 2nd July.
  • Muhammad, N., Scrimgeour, F., Reddy, K. & Abidin, S. (2014). Corporate toxic substances release and financial performance in Australia: Short and long run causality analysis. Paper has been accepted for presentation at the 21st Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society (MFS) 2014, Prague, 29th June – 2nd July.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Reddy, K. (2010), The relationship between corporate governance practices and financial performance in New Zealand: An empirical investigation, University of Waikato, 265pgs.